Arabic is Fun was developed for anyone looking to learn Arabic in an easy and fun way with special focus on Children.

Our curriculum was developed by Arabic teachers with years of experience teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

It was reviewed by psychology experts in addition to educational experts to ensure a quality learning experience.

We assume that parents will assist their child during the learning journey.

Our method utilizes a combination of audio-visual elements to teach key words and correct pronunication.

Repetition of words and letters accross different activities and games was made on purpose. This enhances the memorization of the words and sounds; It also serves the role of a gentle review of the learned words.

Methodology Highlights

  • Engaging Activities
  • Using Audio Visuals to teach letters and words
  • Fun characters that children and adults will adore
  • Reviewed by Education experts
  • Professional, School grade Curriculum

Platform Highlights

  • Manage all family members
  • Add multiple children
  • Track progress
  • Email reports
  • Fresh content each month
  • One platform for all ages and proficiency levels